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8 July

Creating Welcoming Spaces and Apps

Image by Ryan McGuire Creating Welcoming Spaces and Apps I recently started my own Meetup group to help people make progress on their projects and to get unstuck if their project requires a skill that they don’t have. In the past, I have felt pretty intimidated by a lot of the developer or design-centric meetups […]

11 October

What Makes a Mobile MVP?

I began my career at the literal Lean Startup, a company called IMVU that Eric Ries writes about in his book The Lean Startup. The main philosophy of lean is to learn fast by taking a minimalist approach to product design and development (build only what you have to in order to test an idea) […]

9 August

Take iPhone Photos of the Super Moon: 5 great resources

In conclusion, a couple of things to consider for a better photo are: Something to magnify the range of your iPhone’s lens, a pair of binoculars or a telescope. An app that lets you lock exposure. What this means is that you can setup your device to a correct reading for the  light on the moon, this way it won’t appear overly […]

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