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11 October

What Makes a Mobile MVP?

I began my career at the literal Lean Startup, a company called IMVU that Eric Ries writes about in his book The Lean Startup. The main philosophy of lean is to learn fast by taking a minimalist approach to product design and development (build only what you have to in order to test an idea) […]

9 August

Take iPhone Photos of the Super Moon: 5 great resources

In conclusion, a couple of things to consider for a better photo are: Something to magnify the range of your iPhone’s lens, a pair of binoculars or a telescope. An app that lets you lock exposure. What this means is that you can setup your device to a correct reading for the  light on the moon, this way it won’t appear overly […]

1 August

Lessons Learned in App Making

When I met her, Anahelena had already built Kid Capsule, a digital baby book app.  I told her that what delighted me most about the app was the photo saving piece and mused that it would be neat to isolate that concept and help people share those moments of joy. In its way, this led […]